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Sleeping Dogs


Former homicide detective Roy Freeman (Russell Crowe) undergoes a cutting-edge Alzheimer’s treatment when he is asked to re-examine a brutal case from his past – the grisly murder of a renowned college professor (Marton Csokas). A death row inmate who Roy arrested ten years prior is proclaiming his innocence. Intrigued and fighting to regain his memory, Roy enlists his former partner (Tommy Flanagan) to help him revive the investigation. This time, things unfold very differently as they close in on a magnetic and mysterious woman, Laura (Karen Gillan). When distorted layers peel back uncovering a tangled web of lies, Roy is now forced to face a horrific reality that changes his world forever.

  • genre:

    Thriller Crime
  • director:

    Adam Cooper
  • cast:

    Russell Crowe, Marton Csokas, Thomas M. Wright, Tommy Flanagan, Karen Gillan
  • release date:

    18 July, 2024
  • runtime:

    1h 50min
  • rating:


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Sleeping Dogs
  • Thriller
  • Crime

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